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Meet our core team

Jonathon Dutton

Producer / Director

Jonathon Dutton

Jonathon founded crankyfish in 2006 and has produced and directed a wide range of film, TVC and branded content projects for leading agencies and brands. Jono also directs network TV drama and in 2012, he was nominated by the Australian Directors Guild for Best Direction in a Serial Drama. Jono is also developing and attached to direct and/or produce several original film TV and online projects.

AB Smith

Strategy / Writer / Dragon

AB Smith

AB is a multidisciplinary writer who creates original film and television projects and also consults to major corporates and brands on major commercial projects. With unique skills in strategy, media and story design, AB brings a deep understanding of the corporate requirements driving large projects and how to get sharp definition out of creative briefs.

Julian V. Costanzo


Julian V. Costanzo

Julian holds ten years experience as a producer and production manager in TV, film and advertising. He has produced ten short films, three of which have been selected for Tropfest including the winning film in 2012. Julz has produced and/or production managed over 100 TVCs and in 2013, he was selected by SPAA as one of twenty producers representing the next generation of the industry.


Crankyfish is part of a small fleet of centrally owned companies that provide specialist and dedicated services across a range of sectors. So when you engage Crankyfish, you get more than just a production company.

  • Strategic Engagement
  • Creative Concepts
  • Strategic & Creative Writing
  • Media & Advertising
  • Film & TV Production
  • Strategic Storytelling
  • Major Opportunities
  • Internal Alignment
  • Capacity Building
  • Mergers & New Markets
  • CSR Strategy & Realisation
  • Impact Media Projects
  • Education & Outreach Programs
  • Social & Creative Activations
  • Community Partnerships


1/25A Mollison Street, Abbotsford VIC 3067 | +613 9421 3342

1/25A Mollison Street
Abbotsford VIC 3067
Mebourne, Australia
We service a number of clients in Sydney, but we’re based in Melbourne.
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For the Creative Thinkers

Strategy – Great content is all about finding that diabolical itch your audience is waiting for someone to scratch. So we work with you to get inside their heads, speak to their hearts, grab a spatula, and give that sweet spot an exacting little scratch.

Story – In an age when content is king, thrones are built on the mantle of story. We bring the storytelling knights you need, and the creative goods you’re looking for, to overcome your enemies and feed today’s discerning masses exactly what they hunger for: short, sharp tales; powerful in the telling.

Content – Today brands, cultural icons and kittens are locked in a modern day battle for airtime. We understand that your content is your shield and your sword. So smelting your insights with the talents of our creative teams, we work with you to pound your ideas into shape, create razor-sharp concepts and equip you to do battle… with kittens. 


For the Logical Thinkers

Strategy – Together, we work through your risks, opportunities and objectives. We think about your market, trends and distribution mechanics. Then we help you figure out where you need to meet your people, where you want to take them and what’s ‘the gift’ at the heart of your content that’s going to lead them there.

Story – By embedding our team’s knowledge of audience, style and structure into your creative process, we’ll help you to unearth the human narrative at the heart of what you’re trying to achieve. Then we’ll use this gem to transform your strategy into a compelling story. One that speaks to the narrative instincts of today’s increasingly evasive audiences, in a language they know and love: Story.

Content – Our experienced in-house team is supported by a deep and unfailing network of industry-best creatives. Working collaboratively we enhance the concept with your key players; manage budgets transparently; and deliver the project as an embedded member of your team with a genuine commitment to your success and the creation of a long-term content partnership.