I want to turn my customers into champions


STREAT wanted to attract new customers to their new flagship café, Cromwell House. They also wanted to give their existing customers a sense of pride and turn them into champions of their organisation and the cause.

We felt that the answer was to authentically communicate how STREAT helps disadvantaged young people through the services they provide and so we helped them attract funding from the Calvert Jones Foundation for a short film.

The film turned out to be 7 mins, which is longer than what we would normally recommend. Given the content, purpose and objectives however, the length has proven to be a key factor in the success of this project.

“The biggest thanks go to Jonathan Dutton and his amazing team. They’re the incredible group of creatives who brought all of this together for us”

“An amazing Video! I’m watching this in Spain and am extremely proud of the work you all do”
– STREAT Customer