Client: STREAT
Objective: To increase awareness of STREAT and what they do for their young people; to promote their new flagship cafe, Cromwell House; and to instil a sense of pride in exisiting customers - transforming them into champions of the cause and their brand.

Content Type: Impact

Director & Editor: Jonathon Dutton
Producers: Jonathon Dutton and Julian V Costanzo
Cinematographer: Jaque Fisher
Music: Jimi Dene

STREAT is a fantastic social enterprise who funds its youth services from the revenue generated by its cafes, artisan bakery, catering company and coffee roastery.

To deliver on the above objective, the answer for us lay in the many stories of the young people STREAT has helped over the years. By telling their stories, we would also be telling the story of STREAT.

With this concept in mind, we worked together to find two brave young people to join us  on the journey, and we also attracted funding from the Calvert Jones Foundation to produce Belong.

To ensure honesty and authenticity, we interviewed Mat and Laura and cut together the narrative before shooting the accompanying visual story. We're really proud of this one - a massive thanks goes out to Mat and Laura and the youth team at STREAT for allowing us to tell their stories.

The biggest thanks go to Jonathon Dutton and his amazing team. They’re the incredible group of creatives who brought all of this together for us
— Jarryd Williams, STREAT