Footballer Wants A Wife

Objective: To create an entertaining web series that shows just how fabricated reality TV can be.

Content Type: Original

Director: Jovita O'Shaugnessy
Producers: Julian V Costanzo & Jonathon Dutton
Writers: Ben Nicholas (Creator) & Carl Sorheim
Cinematographer: Jaque Fisher
Script Producer: AB Smith
Executive Producers: Jonathon Dutton, Julian Costanzo, AB Smith, 
Ben Nicholas & Jason Byrne

Ben Nicholas came to us with Footballer Wants A Wife and we immediately saw an opportunity to create a fun web series that would also show just how fabricated reality TV can be.

The result was an original 6-part web series funded by Screen Australia.

We created this trailer for the show, which is a direct rip off of the actual trailer for Network 10's, The Bachelor. We released our trailer (while The Bachelor's trailer was still on air) in the lead up to the release of the full series, which received over 100K views.

Episode 1, Game On received over 30K views on YouTube in the opening week and the series went on to be screened at a number of local and international festivals. It was also released locally through ABC's iview and internationally through E-TF1 in France.