Guilt Dog

Client: Purina (Nestle)
Objective: Create a short and entertaining 30" TVC based on a key consumer insight.

Agency: Zenith Optimedia
Content Type: Commercial

Director: Jonathon Dutton
Producer: Julian V Costanzo
Writer: AB Smith
Cinematographer: Greg de Marigny
Executive Producer: Jonathon Dutton

We worked with the client and agency to analyse the research and data before coming up with a two creative concepts designed to bring their key consumer insight to life; owners often feel guilty when leaving their dogs at home.

After producing animatics for both concepts, we refined the creative based on the results before moving into production.

This TVC was in the top 5% of all ads for enjoyment, new information and difference to other ads. It was also within the top 10% of all ads for persuasion, brand cues, relevance and brand appeal (Milward Brown).