A brief history…

Crankyfish was originally founded back in 2004 by four creatives: a budding director/video guy (Jono), a designer/motion graphics artist, a designer/web developer and a writer/journalist. 

We all got on famously and saw an opportunity to create a business and work that would enable us to do things our way. During this time, we opened offices in Melbourne and Sydney, worked on some terrific creative projects and learnt a lot about business and our individual crafts.

At the end of 2008, a combination of family needs, a desire for travel and exciting individual professional opportunities saw us part ways to begin new chapters.

In 2012 after a few years focused on directing TV, Jono founded Crankyfish mkII (a dedicated production company) and in 2014, Crankyfish teamed up with a strategic communications consultancy, Roadmap Media to form a social impact agency called EntertainThinkInspire (ETI).

ETI was founded to create partnerships between creatives and communications professionals; brands and businesses; and the social sector and philanthropy/foundations to create shared initiatives: storytelling and communication campaigns to address social issues.

The companies operated as a centrally owned group until 2017 and during this time, ETI developed and produced a number of projects and initiatives which we were oh so proud of. Unfortunately though, the business model proved to be unsustainable.

ETI’s legacy very much lives on in Crankyfish though, informing our values and our unique experience collaborating across sectors and harnessing the power of storytelling for good.

This brings us to what we now affectionately refer to as Crankyfish mkIII - the Crankyfish that stands before you today. An amalgam of this history and experience, which we believe is a big part of what makes Crankyfish unique.

Why the name, Crankyfish?

Back in 2004, the original founders of Crankyfish sat around a small apartment in Caulfield, throwing around nouns and verbs as we hoped to find a unique name that captured our creative spirit, our vibe and desire to do things differently. 

What about Crankyfish? The business name and URL is available
— Original Founders of Crankyfish

And so, Crankyfish was born.