How Do You Talk To Yourself?

Client: The Mannequin Project
Project Objective: To challenge audiences to reflect on how negative self talk and body dissatisfaction can affect our reality

Content Type: Impact

Director: Gabrielle Bullard
Producer & Editor: Jonathon Dutton
Cinematographer: Greg de Marigny
Writers: Eve Morey and Jonathon Dutton

The challenge with this piece was to show how body image related issues affects us and what’s needed to counteract it; awareness and making better choices.

This was The Mannequin’s Project theory of change and our primary objective so conceptually How Do You Talk To Yourself was a real challenge.

This piece received over 40K views on Facebook, YouTube and Vimeo. It was also blogged, tweeted and discussed online by organisations and influencers around the world, including Up Worthy (

This was the most resonant piece of content created by TMP. In fact many organisations, schools and independent professionals continue to use this piece to educate people at conferences and talks addressing body dissatisfaction.